A firearms-friendly payment gateway that integrates with BigCommerce and GunBroker now brought to you by Blue Payment Agency of Windham, Maine

FFL dealers who use both BigCommerce and GunBroker to sell online can now use Blue Payment Agency’s firearms payment gateway setup and support program to streamline their credit card processing.

Many FFL dealers who sell online, and ship only to other federally authorized dealers, use both the GunBroker auction website and their own BigCommerce website to reach more firearms customers. Blue Payment Agency’s BigCommerce/GunBroker FFL payment processing allows these merchants to use one account to process credit card sales online. This benefits FFL dealers by providing an affordable payment processing, integration, approval and application reporting system.

Blue Payment Agency requires all FFL dealers, who process payments online, to ship their firearms to other federally licensed dealers. In this way, a full background check can be performed on all buyers using the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

Blue Payment Agency has designed an FFL payment program that streamlines the entire process for multi-platform e-commerce gun dealers. Blue Payment Agency’s BigCommerce/GunBroker FFL payment program helps automate approvals, and its trained staff will help FFL dealers integrate their payment processing into both the auction page and e-commerce website.

Alex Roy, who is the founder and president of Blue Payment Agency, explains it this way: “BigCommerce FFL distributors who also use GunBroker need a simple way to process credit cards, track earnings online, and process any refunds. credit card without using multiple payments. gateway logins and multiple merchant accounts. Our established e-commerce payment gateway program allows dealers to view and manage all of their online sales, whether through an auction website like GunBroker or a traditional e-commerce website like those hosted by BigCommerce, all In one single place”.

According to Blue Payment Agency, the ability to use one payment processing system for both BigCommerce and GunBroker not only streamlines reporting, but also reduces costs by eliminating redundant merchant accounts and payment gateway fees. Resellers no longer need to pay for separate GunBroker and BigCommerce merchant accounts and payment gateways. In addition to reduced costs, FFLs no longer have to deal with multiple payment gateway logins and multiple payment processing applications.

Blue Payment Agency believes that with a simplified and affordable way to accept credit cards for online purchases and with their support staff behind them, it increases an FFL dealer’s ability to increase their auction and e-commerce sales. Because FFLs perform the essential background check required by law on every Internet firearms sale, many feel that they contribute greatly to the stability and reputation of the Second Amendment community as a whole.

When a Blue Payment Agency customer sells a gun online, the buyer must select a local federal firearms licensee to ship the gun to. The firearm must be safely transferred to the local dealer, who must then perform the required NICS check before the firearm is delivered to the online buyer.

Alex Roy emphasizes that his company cares about the Second Amendment and the American community of federally licensed dealers. He is convinced that simplifying the application, approval, integration, reporting and support for online FFLs using both an auction website and an e-commerce site is an important service that his company plans to continue indefinitely.

Details about Blue Payment Agency’s online firearms credit card processing program for GunBroker and BigCommerce can be found on their dedicated FFL page at https://bluepaymentagency.com/bigcommerce-payment-gateways-for- firearms/.