A Dual-Purpose Grip Plug – The Fast Forward From C&H Precision

While polymer striker-fired pistols revolutionized the world of competitive and defensive shooting, there is always room for improvement. Glock, one of the most recognized firearms brands in the world, has long been the standard for firearm pistols. They continue to expand their offerings with new generations of firearms. However, one area with room for improvement on Glock firearms is the cavity in the grip.

Many companies have produced grip plugs for a variety of reasons. One of the first reasons is to keep dirt and debris out of the handle cavity. Another reason is that space is wasted and it can offer a bit of counterweight to help shoot or store directly and effectively. Lastly, many offer an intricate design to aid the feeding of a magazine into the magazine well.

C&H Precision aims to solve all three potential uses with its Speed ​​Feed. Made of polymer, aluminum or brass, Speed ​​Feed offers exceptional quality. Optimized feed ramp angle for reduced “speed reloads” is built into every model. For law enforcement, competition shooters, and EDC users, C&H Precision also offers a polymer Speed ​​Feed that doubles as a backup battery storage compartment. It can hold a battery as large as CR2032 or as small as CR1225; can supplement the power of most pistol optics.

For competition and law enforcement shooters, the increased weight on a grip can mitigate some recoil. The brass Speed ​​Feed is precision CNC machined and weighs 1.8 oz, for G19, or 2.6 oz, for G17 frames. If a little less weight is required, an Aluminum model is also available.

Speed ​​Feed is currently exclusively available for Gen5 G19 or G17 sized frames. For more information on Speed ​​Feed, visit:

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