A complete guide to everything you need for tactical predator hunting

predator hunting

Each hunter has a different setup that they prefer. This is mainly due to the fact that we hunters have to hunt in very different conditions and terrain. This greatly affects shots and sometimes even influences the gears we choose.

Our suggestion for the firearm is semi-automatic. Also get something light and opt for a sound suppressor. While bolt-action pistols have their place in the hunting game, you should give semi-automatics a try, especially if you haven’t tried them before. It will ensure a faster tracking shot.

In this article, we’ll be discussing other key things you need for your predator hunting setup, so let’s dive into that!

Have the perfect caliber

This is a very important part of the setup. Heavy rounds are very effective when hunting, but they also do serious damage to the skin. For those of us who don’t want to ruin the nice piece of skin on our hunt, we suggest using a .223 caliber.

If you set up your rifle the right way, .223 caliber bullets will help you hit ranges well beyond 300 yards. This is definitely a very useful range on many types of terrain.

Get the right platform

We highly recommend getting a semi-automatic AR setup. It allows you to stay focused on the target and keep shooting regardless of your body position. This is particularly important in heavy wood where timing is crucial and your target can easily escape your follow-up shots.

As for magazines, you can try a 10-round polymer. It is not too long to cause any inconvenience. It is also a lightweight magazine that will keep your setup light as well.

You can also add other necessary accessories to this platform. Whether it’s night vision or a bipod, you can add the accessories pretty quickly.

Don’t ignore the optics

The correct optics are a crucial part of your firearm setup. You need to get an optic that fits your rifle perfectly. Be sure to look for quality when buying one. Once you’ve made sure of that, you need to make sure it’s comfortable for your eyes.

Don’t forget the mount too. You need to get something that won’t move easily after you lock it down. It also needs to be durable to withstand the changing weather and difficult terrain you might hunt in.

red dot magnifiers

There are so many options on the market that we suggest you compare the different options to find the best red dot magnifier for your needs. Red dot sights increase the accuracy of your shots. Combine one with a good magnifying glass and you have an amazing combination.

The magnifying glass will help you to fix the red dot of your rifle at long distances. This will allow you to be more accurate at a longer distance.

sound suppressors

Whether you’re hunting hogs or coyotes, you’ll often encounter two or more animals at once during a hunt. Good sound suppressors will greatly reduce the sound of the shot and also make follow-up shots easier.

Get something that can be used on different types of gauge. Just remember to get a wrap for external use if you plan on using a suppressor. The wrap will help unscrew the suppressor because it will get hot after use.

shooting sticks

There are mainly four types of shooting sticks that you can buy:


· Tripods

fixed bipods

crossed sticks

Shooting sticks helps you a lot to improve your accuracy. This precision is especially necessary on long shots in the open field. We suggest getting a tripod. Although it takes a bit longer to set up a tripod, they offer greater stability. Tripods are also comparatively more durable.


There are tons of different options for vests on the market. You should opt for the ones with drop down seats. These vests can be easily converted into seats in a minute. You can sit on the seat for a long period of time during the hunting session. Your feet will thank you for having one of these amazing vests with integrated drop down seats.

To call

By using a good quality call, you can attract all the young and inexperienced animals during the mating season and have them in sight. A call does not have to be very expensive, although you can opt for electronic options that can mimic the sounds of various animals. If you’re shopping for one, get something that’s durable with realistic sound.

scan light

Scanning lights are a must during night hunts. These lights open up new possibilities in your hunting experience and you should have one in your collection. There are many options on the market. Some also have multiple color selections.

Get a scanning light that is comfortable in your hand, preferably ones that are designed as pistols. Durability is also another important factor that you need to consider when purchasing a scanning light.


Hunters love lures for their ability to increase hit rate. Lures are especially useful when the animal responds to your call. The lures are very much like real life animals. Also, most of them are not too heavy. So you won’t have to worry too much about wearing one.


The correct configuration of hunting gear will vary from individual to individual. You need to know your hunting style, your preferences, and the terrain in which you hunt. Once you have an established preference, you will be able to make much better decisions when purchasing your hunting accessories.

Remember, fancy and expensive gear may look good, but it won’t always help you do better on the hunt. Get good quality products that fit you and work best for your individual style.

Happy hunting!