Louis Riel Scholarships / Bursaries

Through a co-operative arrangement between the Manitoba Métis Federation and the five universities in Manitoba, the Louis Riel Bursaries and Scholarships were established in 1999.

Through an endowment from the Manitoba Métis Federation and the participating university, each school uses the interest gained on the endowment to create scholarships or bursaries for Métis students. Because the awards come from endowment interest rather than endowment capital, the Louis Riel Bursaries and Scholarships will be permanently available for qualifying Métis students.

Who is eligible?

Any Métis student planning to attend one of the participating universities can apply for the award. All applicants must provide proof of their Métis heritage.

How do you apply?

Students pick up award applications at their university awards office. Each application has two parts: one for the university and one for the Louis Riel Institute. The university decides who receives each award with the first part of the application and the LRI uses the second part to verify the student’s Métis heritage.

How do you prove your Métis heritage?

In order to objectively verify the ancestral connection to the Historic Métis Nation, new applicants for membership in the Manitoba Métis Federation must submit a copy of their own Métis genealogy, or a family member’s Métis genealogy,

and the required supporting evidentiary documents along with their completed application forms and processing fee.

You must be 18 years of age or older to apply for the Individual Membership. For those 17 years or younger applying for a Children’s Membership, you must have also your parent or guardian sign your application;

Obtain genealogy including supporting evidentiary documents:

a. You must provide an official genealogy that identifies a Métis Nation Ancestor. This evidence of Historic Métis Nation Ancestry along with supporting evidentiary documents must be completed by an acceptable recognized genealogical Institution. If the genealogy does not have the applicant’s name on it, the applicant must provide proof of attached lineage with a copy of a long-form birth certificate or an official baptism certificate listing the parents’ names.

b. Government-issued photo identification is required by the institution completing your genealogy as well as a Long Form Birth certificate or Baptismal Certificate with your parent’s names.

c. An official genealogy can be obtained from one of the following genealogical institutions:

Métis Culture & Heritage Resource Centre
5th Floor – 63 Albert Street
Telephone: 956-7767

St. Boniface Historical Society
340 Provencher Boulevard
Telephone: 233-4888

A short form genealogy costs $35 and usually takes between 4-6 weeks.

If you have a genealogy produced by a genealogical institution not mentioned above please contact your Regional Membership Clerk for a determination as to whether it will be acceptable.