5 ways to introduce new hunters and anglers to the fold on National Game and Fish Day

Photo courtesy of the Arkansas Fish and Game Commission.

LITTLE ROCK: Join the Arkansas Fish and Game Commission this National Fish and Game Day, September 24, and help spread the joy of the outdoors to a new group of enthusiasts.

National Game and Fish Day is a special day to recognize hunters and anglers for their leadership in conserving America’s wildlife and wild places. First endorsed by Congress in 1971, this annual celebration has been one of many ways conservation agencies strengthen their partnership with the public in the ongoing effort to promote wildlife populations and the ethical pursuit of wildlife species. hunting for the benefit of all.

Unlike systems where wildlife is owned by individuals who own the land, the North American Conservation Model notes that wildlife is a public resource available to all. However, there must be a government agency to ensure that wildlife does not face the catastrophic declines seen in the early 20th century.the century. Funding for those agencies is based on sales of hunting and fishing licenses and excise taxes on hunting, fishing and shooting equipment collected by the federal government and distributed to states based on users who purchase those licenses and the size of the state. Thanks to this conservation funding model, each new angler and hunter that joins the fold increases the benefits enjoyed by all outdoor enthusiasts.

Here are some great ways to celebrate the outdoors and maybe welcome a new hunter or fisherman outdoors this Saturday:

Photo courtesy of the Arkansas Fish and Game Commission.

Participate in the AGFC Marksmanship Challenge
Seven of the 10 AGFC nature centers will hold a special event to test the shooting skills of youth in grades 1-12 in five outdoor disciplines. Participants will cast a fishing rod, fire BB guns, use slingshots, shoot at archery targets and take on more realistic 3D archery from 10 am to 2 pm at each participating nature center. Medals will be awarded to the top three shooters from each center in one of four age categories. Top scorers overall will receive a special prize package courtesy of Daisy BB Guns. Visit www.agfc.com/en/education/calendar/annual-event/national-hunting-and-fishing-day-2022/ for more information.

Catch a fish for conservation

The AGFC also has a line of great 101 fishing classes and fishing derbies that might hook an interested angler or two. Catfish are being stocked at Family and Community Fishing Program locations across the state, and these derbies and classes are a great way to get familiar with small-water fishing with little or no experience. Anglers participating in derbies must bring their own chairs, rods and bait, but the fish should be ready to bite after being stocked this week at one of AGFC’s hatcheries. Visit www.agfc.com/en/education/calendar/annual-event/national-hunting-and-fishing-day-2022/ for more information.

Photo courtesy of the Arkansas Fish and Game Commission.

Climb a tree with purpose
Although archery hunters have already been chasing bears for a week in northwest Arkansas and have been sweating after some early deer hunting opportunities in urban hunting opportunities, the opening day of the archery season of deer throughout the state of Arkansas is September 24. Head out for an early morning sit or an evening hunt and bring someone along to unplug from the electronics for a relaxing day at the deer stand.

Pick up some Arkansas Nutcrackers
Arkansas squirrel season has been open all summer, but now it’s the real start of squirrel season. Keep an eye out for hickory trees that have produced a good crop of nuts as they are a favorite food source for squirrels. Chasing squirrels is an easy and inexpensive way to start hunting. Chipmunks can also be prepared in various ways to make delicious meals. All you need to get started is some bug spray, camouflage clothing, and an affordable .22 shotgun or rimfire shotgun loaded with #6 cartridges. Visit https://www.agfc.com/en/ hunting/small-game/squirrel/ for season dates and basic bushytail bagging information at The Natural State.

Photo courtesy of the Arkansas Fish and Game Commission.

Float your worries away

Take a weekend float on one of AGFC’s Arkansas water trails and bring a fishing rod. Cool weather will help keep mosquitoes at bay and make it easy to grab a paddle and a friend for a quick and comfortable introduction to paddling. Kayaks and canoes are relatively inexpensive and can be loaded onto virtually any vehicle to reach some destinations that large ships cannot reach.