3D Printer Pen Buying Guide

If you’re looking to buy your first 3D printing pen from an online retailer, here’s Reviews Rabbit guide to selecting the best 3D pen.

Range of temperatures

The temperature relates to the temperature that 3D pens can be set as well as the temperature of the working environment. First, ABS and PLA have different melting values, so if you have a preferred material, be sure it fits within the temperature range of the 3D pen. Second, the way the 3D printing pen heats up or cools down may be affected by the temperature of your working area

Changing the speed

You should also consider the fact that most pens have various speed settings. It’s a lovely feature to have, but depending on the sort of material you use, the design of your product, and your skills, it’s also useful. Some experienced users are able to work at a faster pace. Meanwhile, some materials require longer cooling times, which may slow down your work speed.

Time for the pen to cool

A 3D printing pen, like any machine, requires some time to cool down its system due to the energy and friction it generates. You’ll have extra doodling time with a 3D pen that cools down quickly or in a shorter amount of time.

Frequency of clogging

Because the procedure involves melting a solid plastic material, 3D pens might clog. When melted plastic becomes lodged within the pen, it cools down and solidifies, clogging the pen. This is quite inconvenient, and it’s impossible to correctly measure. Read the reviews to avoid 3D doodler that clogs regularly. If a lot of people have complained about this problem with the pen, you should look for another one.

Surface for working

Typically, if you’re a newbie, you’ll draw on a surface to create a 3D printed object. However, some 3D pens are incompatible with particular surfaces. Of course, you don’t want that, so be sure the one you choose is suitable for a variety of surfaces.


Wire is included with most 3D pens, and the length of the wire is important. The longer the wire, the better, as evidenced by the greatest 3D pens on the market. Furthermore, a short connection may impede your productivity. Consider the case where the socket is hidden beneath the bed and the pen’s cord is too short to reach it.
Wireless 3D pens are another excellent choice. You simply charge them and then take them with you to work wherever you are. To make the pen work, you’ll need a power supply. Some people even used power banks to charge their phones. The use of wireless 3D pens is more convenient.

The user’s age

Although all 3D printing pens work in the same way, there are some that are specifically developed for kids. Children’s best 3D pen are often safer to use. They’re made to cool down quickly so your child’s finger doesn’t get burned. Some even employ exclusively non-toxic and safe materials. If you’re buying a 3D pen for your child, make sure it’s suitable for children. In most cases, brands disclose the age of their products in their listings.

Additional 3D pen features

One of the characteristics that distinguishes the best 3D printer pen from the rest is its set of unique features. Is it possible to use different types of filament with it? Is it equipped with an LED display for easy reading? Is there a back suction included? If it does, and there are still more features, that would be fantastic!

Filaments Types

There are many different types of 3D printing filaments on the market, so when buying a 3D pen, make sure it uses one that is simple to change and inexpensive. Additionally, certain 3D pens may support multiple filaments. You may transition from ABS to PLA or other filaments with 3D drawing pens. A 3D pen that can be used with a variety of materials gives you greater versatility and allows you to be as creative as you want.

The name of the company

There are a plethora of 3D pens available on the market from a variety of manufacturers. Most, if not all, claim to be able to provide, but only the greatest 3D pen can. So, take your time to look over each brand and compare it to others to find the greatest one.


A warranty is usually included with 3D pens, however the terms and conditions may vary. Some may only be available for six months, while others may be available for a year or two. A product warranty provides me confidence in my purchase because companies typically provide one when they are confident in their goods.
While a warranty isn’t a key deciding factor because there are so many cheap 3D pens on the market, it still gives me peace of mind when a company offers one. So I recommend that you think about it as well, because it’s quite useful, especially if you have a problem with the goods you bought.

Customer Feedback

When purchasing a product online, customer reviews are quite useful. It’s the quickest method to find out if the 3D printing pen is effective, dependable, and worthwhile. As a result, never skip this section. Always read what prior buyers have to say about the 3D doodler you’re considering.