Financial Aid & Awards Assistance

Did you know that there IS money available to help students with the cost of post-secondary education?

There are four basic kinds of money for school:

  • Student Loans
  • Funding
  • Internal Awards
  • External Awards

Students often think they will not qualify for awards, but in fact, there are many that all students are eligible for!  At the Louis Riel Institute we can help you find scholarships and bursaries that you might be eligible for.  We will also help you to complete the application packages if you need assistance.  The LRI will help you understand and apply for funding that you may be eligible for with the Manitoba Métis Federation as well.

We can contact you on a regular basis with information about upcoming scholarships and bursaries.  Please feel free to phone Lynn Berthelette at 204-984-9480 ext. 361 to be added to our contact list.

The Louis Riel Institute is available to come out to make a group presentation as well where students will receive resource handouts, financial aid lists and current applications that are available.  Call our office to inquire about rates.