100 Years of Federal Ammunition Celebration Giveaway Winner Announced

As part of its 100th anniversary celebration, Federal Ammunition partnered with the NRA to host one of the largest giveaways in company history. Tom from Arkansas received the huge prize package that included more than 54,000 rounds of federal ammunition valued at more than $28,000.

“This giveaway was a great way to punctuate Federal’s 100 year anniversary celebration,” said Brian Anderson, director of marketing for Federal. “The scope of ammunition included in the prize package showcases the wide range of ammunition and innovation throughout Federal’s 100-year history. This was a fun giveaway and congratulations to the winner.”

The giveaway event took place during the spring and summer months of 2022. The ammunition included in the prize package highlights some of Federal’s most popular loads in the most popular cartridges.

“I give my sincere thanks to Federal Ammunition for this undeserved award,” said Tom. “This ammunition will be a blessing for both my family and my friends. But beyond that, it will also be used by my son’s high school cheat team.”

The ammunition included in the raffle prize was the following:

12 Gauge Top Gun: Known for its hard-hitting shot and unique cue column for the consistent patterns needed to reliably break through clays.

Range Target Practice 9mm Luger – This line of ammunition gives shooters the similar performance and feel of self-defense and competition loads for realistic practice.

American Eagle Rifle 223 Rem: Ideal for target practice, American Eagle rifle ammunition provides shooters with accurate performance at a price for high-volume shooting.

Champion Training-Rimfire 22 LR: For competition training or backyard training, Federal Champion rimfire ammunition features a reliable bullet, priming and brass.

For more information on all of Federal’s online products and services or to shop online, visit www.federalpremium.com.