100 Year Celebration Content Added to Federal Munitions Website: The Horn Era and Federal Fusion

As part of its 100 year anniversary celebration, Federal Ammunition presents monthly online content celebrating Federal’s rich history. The month of September highlighted the era of ownership by Charles L. Horn and Federal Fusion Hunting Loads. Content can be found on the 100 Year Anniversary website: A Century Of Authority (federalpremium.com).

“The End of the Horn Era and an Ownership Journey” follows the management journey from founder and president, Charles L. Horn, to Vista Outdoor. Charles Horn was known to be a businessman who cared about his employees and the city of Anoka, Minnesota. From ensuring that Federal Ammunition facilities were cared for to a high standard to many donations to local organizations, Charles Horn set the tone for Federal Ammunition for decades to come.

“In the nearly 50 years since Charles L. Horn left the company, a lot has changed, but a lot has stayed the same,” said Jason Nash, vice president of marketing for Federal Ammunition. “Federal Ammunition is still led by strong leaders and dedicated employees, and our commitment to giving back to the local and shooting/hunting communities remains strong.”

Covering the success of one of Federal’s most popular hunting loads, “Federal Fusion Hunting Loads” covers the creation, innovation and successful performance of the Fusion bullet. Launched in 2005, the Fusion line features a lead alloy core that is precision plated with a uniform thickness of copper and then shaped into a final shape.

“Federal Fusion ammunition shows how Federal ammunition can produce a conjoined bullet that does not affect accuracy,” Nash said. “The success in the field of the Fusion line is why it is available in so many calibers, from .223 to the large calibers used on safari and just about everything in between.”

Each month through the end of 2022, Federal Ammunition will upload additional content focused on the rich history of this American ammunition company.

In addition to monthly online content, Federal Ammunition has released a 244-page book that preserves the company’s history. Federal Ammunition: The First Hundred Years can be found online: Buy Federal The First 100 Years for $59.99 | Federal Ammunition (federalpremium.com).

For more information on all of Federal’s online products and services or to shop online, visit www.federalpremium.com.