The Louis Riel Institute Adult Learning Centre offers a variety of Manitoba Senior Years credits from grades 9 (S1) to 12 (S4) including:


Grade 9

English Language Arts 10F

Mathematics 10F


Grade 10

Essential Math 20S

Print Communications 25S


Grade 11

ELA Comprehensive Focus 30S

Desktop Publishing 35S


Grade 12

ELA Comprehensive Focus 40S

Technical Communications English Language Arts 40S

Essential Math 40S

Applied Math 40S

Biology 40S

Physics 40S

Chemistry 40S

Family Studies 40S

History of Western Civilization 40S

Geography: Human World 40S

Law 40S

Métis Studies 41G

Physical Education / Healthy Active Lifestyles 40F

Global Issues 40S


8 credits required for Mature Student Diploma

-of the 8 credits - 4 must be at the Grade 12 level

-of the 4 Grade 12 credits, 1 Math and 1 English is required plus any two others of choice